Congratulation Copper You Are The January 2012 Pinup

 This is just a sample of the winners page that every winner will receive along with the prize, for them and their local SPCA.

Most of you know Copper is my dog, and no he didn’t really win the contest nor will he or our other dog Timber (pic below) every be eligible to win any of our contests… we do reserve the rights to enter them just to see how they do in the voting, but they can’t win… sorry coppy and Timmy it’s only fair 🙂

So why would I enter them if their not eligible to win… because we love them and like to see how they do in the voting.

If this was a real winners page we would ask the dog parent to supply us with a profile, and story about the winner and family to place on this page.

We will also contact the winning local SPCA and ask them for a comments, and ask them to follow up with how the money was spent which will be included on this page.

Also don’t forget that we will be doing a paid press release for every winner, and we will contact the local paper of the winner, and make certain they get a copy of the press release… while we have no control over them actually printing anything in the local paper, we will definitely try.

This page will stay on our site as long as the site is live (we are not going anywhere) and we will put a link to it from our main navigation bar.

As we think or are given suggestions on how to honor our winners even more, be certain we will add it to this page. So join the jun and join the current months contest.

Almost forgot about Timber… here he is ready to jump back into the pound at camp. He loves the water 🙂

He can’t believe Copper got top billing on this sample winner’s page, but he says he is use to it… Copper is a pretty needy dog and plays us like a fine fiddle  🙂 while Timber is a happy go lucky type of dog.

Timber says send in your pics, spread the word and vote!