Enter Your  Dog’s Pic and Win a Prize!

Does your dog have what it takes to become this months award winning pinup?

  • If so this month you could win a $25.00 Amazon gift card
  • plus have $25.00 donated to your local SPCA on your dogs behalf
  • plus have your dogs name in a paid press release that we will do, announcing him or her as the winner, and a donor to your local SPCA
  • plus we will send a copy of the press release to your local newspaper
  • plus have your dog’s pic and profile published on this months pinup winner webpage forever!

Free to enter nothing to buy.. See entry details below. This is Just a Sample Page, The actual page  and Voting  Starts 5-1-12 and ends midnight 5-22-12 and we are taking your pics NOW!

It’s simple to enter, just post your dogs pic on our Healthier Dogs Live Longer facebook fanpage here…
Healthier Dogs Live Longer
and we will post them to this months contest page…  While there you will want to become a fan so that you can keep up with the latest on the contest as well as learn all about dog foods.

If your not on facebook (shame on you 🙂 ) just email your pics to mike@healthydogfoods.net and use a subject of dog pics Pinup contest and we’ll take it from there.

On the first day of every month a new contest begins and you can send friends and family to this page to vote… We will set up a board on Pinterest for this months pics, and your dog could get votes from people that re-pin them from there.

You should post this URL to your fancebook page and twitter and ask your friends to come here and vote. You can also pin your dogs photo from this page on Pinterest… if you are not on Pinterest click the button below for more info…

Follow Me on Pinterest

We will also advertise this page on various website to help stimulate the voting… so join the fun now!

Prizes will grow as the contests popularity grows and this means more money for the winning dog and their local SPCA… we only have one stipulation on how the local SPCA spends their prize money… We want it to be used on adoptions, either by advertising, or actual payment to reduce the costs of an adoption.  While there are many other worthwhile things the money could be used on, like food, we really want to know that the money helped a shelter animal find a home.

"Dog Tied", a pinup by Scott (signed...

Winner is Forever Immortalized

Don’t forget the winner will be forever immortalized with their very own Pinup winner’s award page, complete with the winning picture and a profile provided by the dog’s parent.

This page will stay up as long as this website is active and will also include information on the local SPCA that benefited from this months winner.

Vote in this months contest from here.

You can see an example of a pinup winners page here.

On May 1st the fun begins!