Mike Considine and Copper

My name is Mike Considine and this is my Beagle Copper… I started this blog three years ago right after Copper started having seizures.

While doing research to try and figure out what to do to help Copper, and try to find out why he would start to have seizures all of a sudden at the age of 7. That is when I stumbled into the ugly scary world of commercial dog foods.

Ever since then, over three years now I have devoted a big part of my life into trying to educate dog parents about the dangers of some major brand dog food formulas. I have reviewed hundreds of formulas and posted many reviews on our facebook fanpage (join us below), and many more sites on the internet.

I also wrote a kindle book you can see from the Amazon Books link above that will help dog parents understand the difference between a good and bad dog food formula, and lists and reviews 13 of the best and 6 of the worst.

I strongly urge and even pray that all dog parents learn the basic skills needed to feed their dogs a healthy meal each day… nothing less than the longevity of their dog’s life is at stake.

This blog is to keep dog parents up to-date on things I find while my continued research on anything related to a dogs health.

As you can see in the comparison pictures of Copper below, we allowed him to get overweight, and not only overweight, but he was eating toxic waste dog food formulas. But three years later after feeding him homemade dog food I am happy to say that he is at a perfect weight and has been seizure free for two years (2012)

The Transformation of Copper

If you think the food you are feeding your dog doesn’t matter, take a look at the changes in Copper above, that happened just by changing his food.

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