The Humane Pet Food Challenge


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Factory Farms

I was reading an article in Animal Wellness Magazine the other day and a light bulb went on… I should of thought of this on my own based on my family situation (I’ll explain latter) but I didn’t until I read the article by Anthony Bennie titled “Humane Pet Food”.

As you know I focus my dog food research on foods with the best meat content, because dogs need meat to thrive and live a healthy life. While I consider quality of meat, I based that on weather it was listed as a meat by-product, meat meal or a named meat like chicken, or beef.

What I was surprisingly forgetting about was how the animal used for meat was raised… was it humanely raised, grass fed, free range and pastured kept, or on a factory farm, feed lot?

The reason I say surprisingly forgot, is that my wife Sandy is a vegetarian and one of the reasons she stopped eating meat many years ago, was these factory farms and how they raise the animals.

You see as this article points out, not only are the conditions the animals live in-humane, the facts are these conditions support disease, which means the animals are pumped full of antibiotics as well as growth hormones.

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Combined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO)

The animals are fed only commercial made food and without at least being allowed to partially graze, you end up with a much less nutritious meat.

So we have a few conditions here that we as responsible dog owners can not tolerate… we have the animals being raised to feed our dogs being treated in-humanely, and the meat lacks the nutrients we should demand in our dog foods and…


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Since people are responsible for breeding and raising farm animals, they must also take the responsibility to give the animals living conditions that provide a decent life and painless death.  During the animal’s life, both its physical needs and its emotional needs should be satisfied. Writes Temple Grandin in Animals Make Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animals

With all this in mind, it adds another condition into my research for good dog foods… there is no way by looking at the label can we be 100% certain how the listed meat was raised.

The article in Animal Wellness goes on to challenge us as responsible pet owners to find out where the dog food manufactures source the meat used in their product and spread the word.

You know me I like a challenge and I will be adding this to my research and you can be assured I will keep you up to-date with what I find.

For now you could help spread the word by liking this post and sharing it so other dog owners are at least aware of this problem.