Best Dog Food – Why I Do This

Copper's Best Dog FoodIn July of 2009 I wrote the article below and posted it online…  That was the beginning of my quest to help my dogs live a longer healthier life, and this meant feeding my dogs the best dog food available.

From what I found after hundreds of hour of research I went on a mission to spread the word to all dog owners of the dangers in most commercial dog foods and that is why we are here today.

Before you read the article below, understand that as far as Copper’s seizures I have changed my opinion on some of the things I said in that article… I will explain at the end of this post.

My six year old Beagle (Copper) had his first seizure last week and not ever seeing or knowing much about seizures it scared us to death. I actually think my wife caught the end of the first two while I was away on a camping trip, but he had three more that night and two more before we got him to the vet the next day.

Since then I have made it my mission to find out why dogs have seizures and what can be done to cure them. The vet ran some blood work and after watching the video my wife took of Copper’s last seizure, he agreed that he needed to be put on medication which was Phenobarbital.

I asked the Vet what caused the seizure and he said it was Idiopathic Epilepsy, which when I asked him to explain he said… “Idiopathic Epilepsy means we don’t know what caused the seizures.”

Now I don’t know about you but I hate taking or giving pills that treat the symptoms and without trying to treat the cause… now don’t get me wrong I’m grateful that the Phenobarbital has stopped the seizures for now, but the side affects have changed my dog.

Some of the side affects of Phenobarbital for dogs are it makes them thirsty and hungrier than normal… you ever see a beagle that wouldn’t eat until they bust normally? Now just imagine he thinks he needs to eat all the time and seems to be one of the things constantly on his mind.

He also spends a lot more time sleeping and when he walks down steps his hind end seems to drag at times. He has a hard time jumping up on the couch and we need to lift him into bed now (yes he sleeps with us).

Now that we have him somewhat stable the goal is to find a way to get him off the pills without him having seizures… this is going to be a challenge because you just can’t suddenly take him off the pills, it will need to be a gradual thing and I worry about how many times I will need to try this before I succeed.

I see the Phenobarbital as being a way to stabilize him why I try to research the reasons why my dog is having seizures to begin with. So far my research seems to be pointing towards commercial dog food as being the number one candidate and I’m looking into alternatives to commercial foods.

The more I learn about the Commercial dog food industry the more I understand why we hear about cancer so much in dogs today.

I have found some good information on home made dog food and how to make certain it contains the nutrients Copper needs and I’m going to give it a try. After reading about the poisons that they put into the commercial dog foods this will be a healthy move even if it doesn’t work on his seizures.

An update on Copper’s seizures is that he has been seizure free for over a year… I never did take him off the Phenobarbital completely, because once we found the correct dosage he slowly worked his way back to is old self.

I did start feeding Copper home made dog food and still do to this day… If I can find some pictures of him before we made the switch versus what he looks like today I’ll post them here and on our facebook page. The bottom line he was fat 🙂 and now he is a normal healthy weight.

I now dedicate this blog to Copper, being he is the reason that I spend so much time doing research on the best dog foods and health issues for dogs.   Come back often to see the latest dog food reviews and other information about health issues for dogs.