Dog Eats Out of The Garbage Can and Drinks Out of The Sewer

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Toxic Waste Dog Food

Bloomberg News is reporting that the bad economy is taking a bite out of the pet supply industry. The problem is, that some dog owners are skimping on the quality of their dog food and this is not an area we want to save money.

Liz Harper’s dog once dined on bowls of Mars Inc.’s Royal Canin tailored to the boxer breed and packed with the heart-healthy amino acid L-carnitine. She’d wash it down with Bowser Beer, a dog drink brewed from malt barley and salt-free chicken stock. Today, Billie Holiday has to settle for kibble from the local Target Corp. store.

“It’s probably worse than toxic waste, but she loves it,” said Harper, a 36-year-old attorney from Pelham, N.Y. “It’s cheap and way easier to buy than anything else. She’s a dog — she eats out of the garbage can and drinks out of the sewer. She doesn’t need organic dog food.” Bloomberg News

I hope Liz never has a kid, because they would eat candy and drink soda all day long if you gave it to them, and love it… does that make it right?

Liz is right, you don’t need to feed your dog organic dog food, but you don’t go from organic to toxic waste, there are a lot of healthy choices in between, that a responsible dog parent would select over the cheapest brand available.

Being Liz is an attorney, you would think that she would at least take the time to learn how to read the ingredient list on the dog food packages, and feed her dog Billie Holiday a quality food that doesn’t need to cost a fortune. To feed her dog, something she thinks could have the nutritional value of toxic waste, is just criminal!