FDA Tests Pet Foods Fears Salmonella Could Poision Pet Owners

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Looks like the FDA has finally decided that salmonella found in some pet foods is worth the efforts of a year long study starting this month.

The interesting part is they are taking samples from all the major chain stores to test, not because they are concerned with the health of our dogs, but they are concerned that the contaminated food is making the dog owners sick.

While I’m happy they are concerned, I wish it had as much to do with helping to keep dog food safe for our dogs as it does for their owners… there is a very small percentage of pet owners that would actually get sick from tainted pet food, but what about our pets?

According to the Chicago Tribune this is the warning to pet owners:

Usually people get salmonella poisoning by eating contaminated food, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but it’s also possible to get sick just “by putting objects or fingers contaminated with these germs into the mouth.”

So wash your hands after feeding your pets and keep infants away from the dog’s dish, the CDC warned.

And there is plenty of evidence to back up concern over human infection, the FDA said. The agency pointed to CDC data that show 70 people got sick from January 2006 through December 2007 in connection with salmonella-tainted dry dog food produced in Pennsylvania.

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Center of Disease Control

The CDC recommends we wash our hands after feeding our pet so we don’t get salmonella poisoning!..  what are my missing here?  How about my dog!

I agree I don’t want to get Salmonella, but I sure as hell don’t want my dog eating food with it in, even if I am keeping myself save.

Let’s all keep an eye on this year long study and let’s see which brands they find to be contaminated. While they are doing this for the wrong reasons, we can still use the information to help bring light to an industry that needs help in setting their priorities.